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Welcome to Easy Wagon.

We offer ultramodern wagons adjusted to your individual needs. We’ve got 20 dif-ferent types of wagons, broken down into individual categories, such as rest and refreshment wagons, dining wagons, office wagons, residential wagons, toilet and shower wagons and decontamination wagons.

This means you’re likely to find one or a few wagons that suit your individual needs. In case of any doubts, our qualified staff will be happy to provide you with all nec-essary assistance or to present you with an offer for the wagons you need. We’d also like to invite you to our showroom located in the town of Taulov, where we’ll be happy to offer you a cup of coffee and talk about your expectations.

Why choose Easy Wagon wagons?

In case of older cabin models, many contractors and foremen experience the same problems: leaking roofs, bulging floors, transport difficulties and the need to place the wagons near a water and sewage connection point, which may be problematic.

But this does not apply to Easy Wagon wagons!

  • The roof of the cabin is cast as a single piece, which prevents any water from coming in.
  • The floor is a moulded, sandwich-type panel, covered with glass fibre on both sides. The structure does not contain any wood, which protects you and your floor from bulging.
  • All of our wagons are very easy to connect and there is no need to place them near a sewage and/or water supply connection point.
  • All of our wagons can be attached to a passenger car, which means they are easy to transport and manoeuvre.

Our designers continuously ensure that our wagons are compatible with the latest technologies. That means you can always be sure that your team has the best fa-cilities to perform their work with perfection.

We do our job (really) well so that you can do your job even better.

The cabin – a new caravan

If you’re getting confused by all that talk about wagons and you’re simply looking for a robust, old-fashioned caravan, please don’t be alarmed! The “cabin” is only a term we use while talking about a new and improved caravan.

As you’ve certainly read already, the new wagons are easy to operate, set up and clean – hence the name – Easy Wagon.

Easy Wagon offers 20 different types of caravans – wagons, broken down into 5 different categories: rest and refreshment wagons, dining wagons and office wagons, residential wagons, toilet and shower wagons and decontamination wag-ons.

Thanks to the wide range of available wagons/caravans, we can both be sure that together we’ll find the best solution for you and your team.

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We all who are working to create and build for you our very special wagons, wish you – may your days be happy heart be light and your Christmas be joyful and bright. Merry Christmas!!!

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Wagon with your logo

Many of our customers want to customize their wagons by putting the graphics to be recognised outside. We have a big experience with providing that kind of solutions with our products. It is possible to place only a logo of the company with the phone number, or put a big foil to cover all the […]

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New type of wagons

During the last months our offer increased in new types of wagons. We are coming to our customers by giving them a chance to desribe their requirements and implement the new ideas in our projects. The list with the most common types can be found on the top menu – Our Products. Please take your […]

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