About us

Hello We sell new wagons under our own brand, as well as cabin fittings and different types of spare types for rest and refreshment wagons.

Easy Wagon well on our way to becoming even bigger!
Our products are a result of over 25 years of experience in caravan manufacture.

We started with Eurowagon in 2008.

We produced wagons at our own factory in the Czech Republic and were able to design wagons for many purposes, both standard and individually adjusted to the customer’s needs.
We sold the Eurowagon company in 2015.
In 2016, we opened a factory in Poland, where we manufacture all of our ultra-modern wagons.

Extensive experience and passion

Our aim is to deliver the best product on the market featuring a single-piece cast roof, as well as the only cabin on the market whose structure does not contain any wood.

Based on our experience, we produced our currently best-selling cabin model without any well-known defects found in other wagons.

• Easy connection without the need to place the cabin near the water connection or sewage system.
• Easy to transport. Easy to manoeuvre. Can be towed by a passenger car.
• Standard multi-purpose wagons.

New generation of wagons

Typical problems found in wagons, with bulging floors, are not found in Easy Wagon wagons. Our wagons do not contain any wooden components.

Single-piece cast roof

All of our wagons have single-piece cast roofs, which prevents any water coming in and increases stability of the cabin.

Standard components

Our wagons only contain standard components, which means easy maintenance and repairs in case of any damage.
We only use products from highly-recognised suppliers.

Experience is not everything!

We want to achieve more, so we don’t rest on our laurels. We focus on prospective thinking. We want to deliver the best, most solid and robust product and be a com-pany you can rely on when planning to invest in portable wagons.