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Facts on Easy Wagon cabins

All of our cabins are portable and easy to transport.
They can be attached to an ordinary passenger car and are easy to manoeuvre.

Our cabins are also easy to connect and it is not necessary to place them near the sewage and water supply system.

The cabins are spacious and feature hygienic, smooth surfaces, which makes them easier to clean.

It is a new generation of cabins, which do not contain any wood.

The wall panels are very thick, which gives them better insulation properties and high durability.
Our cabins are especially stable and do not cause typical issues usually found in other cabins.
• Our cabins have a single-piece cast roof, which prevents water from coming in.
• The floor of the cabin is an integral part of the structure and contains no organic substances.
• The floor does not bulge in contact with water, i.e. does not become damaged due to excessive moisture.
• The bottom panel of the shower cabin is made of steel.
• Only LED lamps are used for internal lighting.
• The cabins have strong manoeuvring wheels.
• Large cabins can be equipped with strong supports.
• 13-pin electric plug.
• We only use products from highly-recognised suppliers.
• Our cabins are made of standard components, which means ease of maintenance and repairs in case of any damage.

Cabin parts are available from our online store skurvognsdele.dk

Only new cabins sold

We sell brand new cabins, equipment and spare parts.
We do not offer rental, but we recommend that you get in touch with Mobilhouse, who rent out Easy Wagon cabins.

Own workshop

We have our own workshop in Nordensvej 1, Fredericia. Denmark

At our workshop we are able to repair all cabin types and remove graffiti, and we always have a whole range of standard spare parts in stock at the warehouse or we can order them very quickly.

Where can you see individual cabins for yourself?

Our exposition hall and sales office are located at the following address: Nordensvej 1, 7000 Fredericia, right at the exit from:

• the Eastern Motorway in Jutland, no. 60 b (Taulov N) coming from the direction of Fyn island and the city of Vejle,
• the motorway passing the city of Taulov, no. 61 coming from the direction of Kolding.

What about spare parts, as the cabins are produced abroad?

In case of any questions please contact us via e-mail at: info@easywagon.dk or call us on: +45.65 911 911.

Is the floor in Easy Wagon cabins prone to bulging?

No. The floor of the cabin constitutes an integral part of its structure and does not contain any organic substances, which means that it does not bulge.
This is a characteristic feature of Easy Wagon cabins, one of our real strengths.
One of the most common issues found in other cabins is bulging floors as a result of humidity.

A bulging floor isn’t just irritating to the people staying in the cabin.
It is much more serious: it leads to mould appearing, which is harmful to human health and makes the cabin unfit for use until the problem has been removed.
This never happens with Easy Wagon cabins.

Does a waste disposal unit come as standard with the cabins?

Our toilet-only cabins are equipped with a waste disposal unit.
In case of cabins which have more than one toilet it is possible to use other solutions.

What is the lead time for individual cabins?

This depends on the type of cabin. Many of our cabins are in storage, but some models may be sold out. When it comes to production times and planning, there are usually some differences, but you can always call us (tel. +45.65 911 911.) and we’ll give you a specific answer.

Terms and Conditions for Sale and Delivery

See terms and Conditions for Sale and Delivery here