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Please check our new product EW418 – DOUBLE SHOWER/WC with separate entry doors – based on a forklift frame. Easy to set up, easy to transport! Click below for MORE! EW418 – 4200 x 2300 based on the frame box – forklift type 2 x hanging toilet 2 x handwash sink 2 x shower 2 […]

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Wagon with your logo

Many of our customers want to customize their wagons by putting the graphics to be recognised outside. We have a big experience with providing that kind of solutions with our products. It is possible to place only a logo of the company with the phone number, or put a big foil to cover all the […]

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New type of wagons

During the last months our offer increased in new types of wagons. We are coming to our customers by giving them a chance to desribe their requirements and implement the new ideas in our projects. The list with the most common types can be found on the top menu – Our Products. Please take your […]

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New website

We are so happy to introduce you with our new website. By having this, we will make sure to update you with all the new information related with our company. We are going to re-fresh our facebook page, and put new photos into the instagram’s profile on a daily bassis. Stay tuned!!

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