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Cooling wagons

Cooling wagons Leasing a cooling cabin If you prefer to lease a cooling cabin instead of buying it, it is of course possible. Leasing brings about many benefits. For example, you bear much lower purchase costs, which may give you a competitive advantage and increase your operating efficiency. As a result, this guarantees a satisfactory […]

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Dining/office wagons

Dining/office wagons Dining-office cabins are especially flexible, in a sense that they can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes. Apart from that, office cabins are a simple solution for those who need a dining space or a work space away from ordinary office facilities. Office cabins are therefore ideal for […]

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Sleeping wagons

Sleeping wagons Easy Wagon sells and leases residential cabins of different sizes. We offer cabins for two to four people, consisting of one or two rooms. The descriptions of all residential cabin types contain information about fittings, internal and external dimensions, technical data, such as weight and number of axes, as well as information about […]

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Social wagons

Social wagons A social wagon is a mobile office, cloakroom and bathroom with toilet – an all-in-one solution. It is ideal if you and your team need a place for rest or an office space at a construction site. Our rest and refreshment cabins are available in three sizes suitable for four, six and eight […]

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Toilet and shower wagons

Toilet and shower wagons Toilet cabins are a necessity at all construction sites. For that reason, at Easy Wagon we offer five different toilet and shower cabins so that you can choose one that’s best for you. We offer standard toilet cabins, which only hold a toilet and a washbasin, as well as toilet and […]

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