Dining/office wagons

Dining/office wagons

Dining-office cabins are especially flexible, in a sense that they can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes. Apart from that, office cabins are a simple solution for those who need a dining space or a work space away from ordinary office facilities.

Office cabins are therefore ideal for contractors and workers who spend most of their work day at construction sites etc. All of our dining-office cabins are made in a minimalistic style, which ensures plenty of space and comfort of use. By using LED lamps, we’ve achieved an effect of pleasant white light, which at the same time is an energy efficient solution. Moreover, all of our dining/office cabins are particularly well insulated, which means that you and your team can enjoy the time spend inside them both in the summer and in the winter.

Practical information 

Four out of five of our office cabins are equipped with a toilet and a washbasin, which means that you don’t need to have another toilet cabin nearby.
If you need an office cabin for more than ten people, we also offer a cabin consisting of two rooms, which means you can separate dining space from office space.

In the descriptions of individual dining-office cabins you can find information about internal and external dimensions, fittings, technical data, such as weight, as well as information about compatible types of connections, e.g. electric or water connections.

All Easy Wagon cabins – including our office cabins – are made of standard components which are easy to service and repair. All products used in our cabins originate from recognised suppliers, which ensures high quality of the end product that you get.

Dining-office cabin for sale

Our experienced staff will be happy to guide you through the whole procedure of buying an Easy Wagon dining-office cabin.
We will help you understand the whole procedure so that you know exactly what you need and what you will get for your hard-earned money. This allows us to meet your needs and expectations – all at an attractive price. Click on the link below to contact a member of our highly-qualified team. We’re open 24/7 all year round.

Office cabins and dining cabins are manufactured at a factory in Poland. This means high quality at an affordable price – these are two elements which give you the benefits. Please get in touch with a member of our staff today to find out which of our solutions will be ideal for you.

To make your life easier, we’ve prepared two different equipment packages you can buy, if you don’t have it yet.
We’re offering a basic package, which contains all necessary items, such as a table, chairs and a fridge. There’s also a comprehensive package, which offers everything you need to fit your dining-office cabin. If you’re interested in cables or hoses, we offer a winter and a summer package.

Package prices and detailed information on their contents can be found in the descriptions of the individual types of dining and office cabins.

Leasing a dining and office cabin

If you prefer to lease a dining-office cabin instead of buying it, it is of course possible. Leasing brings about many benefits. For example, you bear much lower purchase costs, which may give you a competitive advantage and increase your operating efficiency. As a result, this guarantees a satisfactory financial result.

You can always contact our qualified staff over the phone or by e-mail to find out about the possibility of leasing a dining or office cabin. Click on the link below to proceed to the “Contact” section.

If you’re not sure which cabin meets your needs best, our experienced staff are ready to provide you will all necessary information. Just click on the link below. In the “Contact” section you can also find detailed information about the location of our office and exposition hall in case you’d like to pop in, have a look at our product assortment and talk about what we can do for you. We’re waiting for you with a cup of hot coffee.

If you’re not interested in buying or leasing a dining/office cabin, we recommend that you get in touch with Mobilhouse A/S, which offers professional rental of, among others, office cabins. Click on the link below to learn more about their services.

High quality

Problems with transporting old-style caravans are one of the challenges we’ve overcome at Easy Wagon. All of our cabins are extremely flexible, which makes them easy to transport and manoeuvre. You just need a passenger car with a towing hook and you can be on your way. This will help you avoid problems and costs related to using a tow truck etc. when you need to transport your cabins.

Another benefit of Easy Wagon dining and office cabins is that you can place them at the most convenient location. You don’t have to put them near the sewage and water supply system.

If you spend the most of your day at a construction site it is important that your staff are able to spend their breaks in a large space. If the cabin also has smooth surfaces, which makes it easy to clean it and to keep a high level of hygiene, this potentially gives you a chance to minimise the number of sick days and consequently save money.

At Easy Wagon we’re very proud of the products we offer. The factory where we manufacture our cabins is located in Poland, under Danish management. This means that you can always find someone there who speaks Danish. Our factory in Poland also guarantees high quality and affordable prices of our cabins – including dining and office cabins.

When buying Easy Wagon cabins, you avoid problems encountered by other customers in the past with caravans, such as poor insulation, bulging floors and problematic transport.