Type 450 with 3 doors and Cindarella toilet

Easy to use. Easy to set up. Easy to clean.

All our wagons comply with work environment regulations specified for the given cabin type.

  • Easy to connect, no need to place the cabin near the water supply or sewage system.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Easy to manoeuvre.
  • Can be towed by a passenger car.
  • Provide a nice environment to spend time in.


Toilet tank with handwash station


Outer length: 420 cm
Outer width: 230 cm
Total height: 292 cm
Inner height: 212 cm
Crossbar length: 150 cm

Technical data

Total weight: 1000 kg
Number of axes: 1
Wheels: 165″ x 13c”


Electrical connection: 400V

Type 450 with 3 doors Cindarella toilet

More photos of the wagon.


Two-step stairs, three keys and crank handle for cabin support are supplied with the cabin. The cabin comes without any other fittings or accessories.
You can buy a ready package for your cabin, which includes summer and winter hoses and electrical cables.