Sleeping wagons

Sleeping wagons

Easy Wagon sells and leases residential cabins of different sizes. We offer cabins for two to four people, consisting of one or two rooms.

The descriptions of all residential cabin types contain information about fittings, internal and external dimensions, technical data, such as weight and number of axes, as well as information about compatible connections, such as power network connection.

Residential cabins are a complete, mobile, residential solution with all facilities found in an ordinary house. All Easy Wagon residential cabins feature a living room, kitchen, bathroom with toilet, as well as at least one bedroom with built-in cabinets.

In other words, the standard is very high, which means that you and your staff can spend your breaks in pleasant surroundings and – if applicable – enjoy restful sleep at night. Having breaks at work is very important for your staff to keep a level head all day and to do their work particularly well, which contributes to your company’s good image.

Sleeping wagons for sale

If you’re buying an Easy Wagon residential cabin, our talented and experienced staff – ready to walk the extra mile to meet your needs and expectations – will help you familiarise yourself with the whole process. Click on the link below to contact a member of our team.

Our residential cabins are produced in our Polish factory, which means high quality and affordable prices. Contact a member of our staff today to learn how to find an ideal solution for you.

To make it easier for you, we’ve created two different equipment packages you can choose from and add to your purchase. We’re offering a basic package, which only contains basic necessities, such as a table, chairs, fridge and freezer. You can also choose the comprehensive package, which means that the cabin comes equipped with everything you need. If you’re interested in cables or hoses, we offer a winter and a summer package.

Package prices and contents are explained in the descriptions of our residential cabins.


Leasing of residential cabins

Instead of buying a residential cabin, you can lease it. For you, this means lower purchase costs, which gives you a competitive advantage, helps make your operations more efficient and finally gives you a better financial result. If you’d like to get detailed information about your options before you decide to lease a residential cabin, click on the link below.

If you’re not interested and/or don’t have the funds to buy or lease a residential cabin, we recommend that you contact Mobilhouse A/S, a company which, among others, rents out Easy Wagon cabins. To learn more about the company’s services, click on the link below.

If you’re not sure which cabin you should buy, our experienced staff will be happy to provide you all the support you need. Just click on the link below to go to the “Contact” section, where you can also find information about the location of our office and exposition hall.

We’ve got quality under control

As all of our general use and residential cabins are very universal and can be moved around with ease. They are also easy to transport, as they can be attached to an ordinary passenger car. This means that there’s no need for a tow truck.

Moreover, our residential cabins can be placed in the exact location that’s most convenient for you. Our cabins are very easy to connect and there is no need to place them near the sewage and/or water supply system.

If you spend the majority of your day at a construction site or another similar location, it is important that your staff can spend time in a large space with smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. This makes our cabins very hygienic, which ultimately contributes to less sick days.

At Easy Wagon we’re proud of the products we offer. Our factory is located in Poland, but it’s under Danish management, which means that you can always speak to someone in Danish there. At the same time, this guarantees the highest quality and stable prices of our residential cabins.

If you decide to buy an Easy Wagon residential cabin, you can forget about problems experienced in the past by most users of similar cabins, i.e. bulging floors, poor insulation and transport difficulties.