Social wagons

Social wagons

A social wagon is a mobile office, cloakroom and bathroom with toilet – an all-in-one solution. It is ideal if you and your team need a place for rest or an office space at a construction site.

Our rest and refreshment cabins are available in three sizes suitable for four, six and eight people. All cabins feature a dining space, which can serve as an office or a cloakroom with built-in double lockers, so that your staff can safely store their clothes and personal belongings while at work. Moreover, the cabin is equipped with a toilet, washbasin and shower cabin.

Our rest and refreshment cabins are easy to transport – they can be attached to a passenger car. This means you can save money, as you don’t have to rent or buy a truck, at the same time saving you the hassle. In our cabins, you can spend time in a pleasant way. They are minimalistic in style and feature smooth surfaces, which makes them easy to clean. We only use LED lamps in the cabins, which creates a natural light effect and at the same time helps you save more energy, compared to other light sources. Moreover, our rest and refreshment cabins are easy to connect and you don’t have to place them near the sewage and water supply system.

Social wagons for sale

Our professional, qualified staff will guide you through the whole process – from showing an interest in our cabins, to purchase of a cabin. This means that ultimately you will get a cabin which meets all of your needs. Our main aim is to meet all of your needs and expectations so that you can feel satisfied every day, each time you enter the cabin with your team.

Click on the link below to go to the “Contact” section and get in touch with our qualified staff. We’re open 24/7 all year round.

We produce all of our cabins at our facility in Poland. There are no middle men. Only a qualified workforce, good materials and well-thought-out products. This means high quality and affordable prices you can be happy about. Contact our team today to learn about the solutions we can prepare for you.

To make everything more transparent, we’ve designed two additional cabin equipment packages. We offer a basic package, which only includes essential components, as well as an comprehensive package with everything you need to equip your cabin. If you’re interested in cables or hoses, we offer a winter and a summer package, so that you can be prepared for the whole year.

Information about package prices and contents can be found in the descriptions of all types of our dining and office cabins.