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EasyWagon, thriving to be Europe’s biggest deliver of trailers, and with our growing production and customers satisfaction we are getting there!

EasyWagon started its adventure in 2016, with our own production in Poland. With our own production we can ensure you a high quality, as the wagon is in our hands from start to the end, for a complete testing and examination, before the wagon gets delivered to you.
We thrive in our quality and will always meet the development in our modern time, we thrive that our wagons are to live, for many years for you and your company!
We are very proud of our wagons, development, and our unique design, and therefore have our nation-wide service, we are a 24hours company, ready to answer all you question 365 days a year!


So, what kind of wagon do you want to hear more about? We produce of course wagons for manpower, sleeping-, sales-, toilet/bath ect. But most importantly we can design and furnish the wagon just as you need it to be!


Did we mentioned that we have very competitive delivery times!